As Mayor, I Will Remain Committed to the Safety of Our Citizens And Law Enforcement.


As a former officer in the LAPD, I was a member of the nation’s second largest police department. After completing the police academy, I was assigned to mid-watch (6:00pm-2:00am), better known as the “action shift” in which most crimes statistically occur. During my time on the department I gained a great appreciation for what law enforcement officers experience both mentally and physically.

I was often moved by things I witnessed while on the force. Whether it was the aftermath of child abuse, sexual assault, a drug overdose, domestic violence or a homicide, there was no underestimating the mental anxiety associated with the job. That coupled with the physical demands of the job, being a law enforcement officer can be tasking in many ways. Because of my experiences, those who “Protect and Serve” will have a special place in my heart.

My experiences as an officer have also helped me understand the challenges that face law enforcement and the communities they serve. I believe that in order to meet the demands of a growing, multiethnic community we must continue to make sure that our policing practices are fair, transparent, and effective.

As Mayor of Huber Heights, I will work to strengthen community-police relations and cultivate an environment that keeps both citizens and law enforcement safe through reforms such as body cameras, and increased dialogue between the community and law enforcement on how to keep us all safe.

Join me in working to ensure the safety of all citizens in Huber Heights.

–    Albert Griggs Jr.

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